Linked Components

One very powerful feature in Booststrap Studio is the ability for syncronize components so they are updated together. We call it Linked Components. It can be used when you want to create the same elements in multiple pages e.g headers and footers.

To create linked components:

  1. Select an item.
  2. Right click and copy it.
  3. Then select a parent component and choose Paste Linked.

This will create a linked copy, which is syncronized to the original.

This way, when you change an element, all the linked components will change at once. You can also Paste Linked elements to other pages from the same design.

If you want to copy a component to multiple pages, you can right click on it and select Copy To > Multiple.

Check the pages, where you want to copy your component to, and select the Link Copies option. This will create linked copies of the component to the pages you have chosen.