# SEO and Social

Bootstrap Studio gives you an easy way to optimize your site for search engines and social networks. You can define sitemaps, social cards for facebook and twitter, and favicons.

# SEO Settings

Setting a title and description affects the way your site is presented in Google and Bing search results. In Settings > SEO you can set these options and see a preview. These settings are global and are inherited by all pages unless they have title/description of their own.

SEO Settings

# Sitemap

Further down, you can enable a sitemap.xml file to be generated when you export. All pages in your design will be included in the sitemap, making it easier for search engines to discover them.

# Favicons

Favicons are displayed by browsers and mobile devices when your website is in a tab or pinned to the device homescreen. Import your favicon as a PNG image in your design, and then set it in Settings > Favicons.


# Facebook (Open Graph)

Facebook supports the Open Graph protocol (opens new window) for declaring meta data about your website. This can be quite involved, but Settings > SEO > Open Graph makes it painless. The configuration that you set here will determine how your website appears in people's Facebook news feed.

Open Graph

# Twitter

Twitter has its own set of tags that determine how your pages will appear in people's Twitter feed. Keep in mind that Twitter doesn't take the global site title and description into account, so you'll have to provide them here explicitly. It does support the Open Graph tags (above) as a fallback.

Twitter Settings

# How Settings are Stored

SEO settings are persisted as meta tags and can be seen in the Meta Tag section. They are applied to all pages of your design. If you wish to redefine them for a specific page, you can do it from the Page Properties dialog (right click a page in the Design panel, and click Properties).