# Keyboard Shortcuts

There is a large number of keyboard shortcuts available for use in Bootstrap Studio, which is a great way to save time and speed up your workflow.

# Main Shortcuts

Action Windows/Linux Mac
Save Design Ctrl + S Command + S
Open Design Ctrl + O Command + O
New Design Ctrl + N Command + N
Export Design Ctrl + E Command + E
Close Design Ctrl + W Command + W
Publish Design Online Ctrl + U Command + U
Show Command Palette Ctrl + P Command + P
Toggle Browser Preview Ctrl + I Command + I
Copy Selected Component Ctrl + C Command + C
Paste Component Ctrl + V Command + V
Paste Linked Component Ctrl + Shift + V Command + Shift + V
Hide Component Ctrl + / Command + /
Add Component Label Ctrl + L Command + L
Duplicate Focused Item Ctrl + D Command + D
Delete Focused Item Delete Forward Delete,
Command + Backspace
Rename Focused Item F2 F2
Zoom In Ctrl + Command +
Zoom Out Ctrl - Command -
Reset Zoom Ctrl + 0 Command + 0

# Keyboard Navigation

Action Windows/Linux Mac
Focus Parent Component Ctrl + Up Arrow Command + Up Arrow
Focus Child Component Ctrl + Down Arrow Command + Down Arrow
Focus Next Sibling Ctrl + Right Arrow Command + Right Arrow
Focus Previous Sibling Ctrl + Left Arrow Command + Left Arrow
Focus Next Panel Ctrl + Tab Command + Tab
Focus Previous Panel Ctrl + Shift + Tab Command + Shift + Tab
Switch to N-th Open Design Ctrl + <1-9> Command + <1-9>
Switch to Next Tab In Panel Ctrl + Page Down Command + Page Down
Switch to Previous Tab In Panel Ctrl + Page Up Command + Page Up
Expand Option / Option Group Ctrl + Enter Command + Enter
Reset Option / Option Group Ctrl + Esc Command + Esc

# Text Editing

Action Windows/Linux Mac
Edit Text Element Enter Enter
Empty Text Element And Edit Backspace Delete
Bold Ctrl + B Command + B
Italic Ctrl + I Command + I
Underline Ctrl + U Command + U
Toggle Link Ctrl + K Command + K
Insert New Line Shift + Enter Shift + Enter
Split Text Element at Caret Alt + Enter Alt + Enter
Insert Non-Breaking Space (&nbsp;) Shift + Space Shift + Space
Delete Left Word Ctrl + Backspace Option + Delete
Delete Right Word Ctrl + Delete Option + Forward Delete
Move To Start Of Line Home Command + Left Arrow
Move To End Of Line End Command + Right Arrow
Move To Previous Word Ctrl + Left Arrow Option + Left Arrow
Move To Next Word Ctrl + Right Arrow Option + Right Arrow
Select Previous Word Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow Option + Shift + Left Arrow
Select Next Word Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow Option + Shift + Right Arrow
Select All Text Ctrl + A Command + A

# Element Resizing

While resizing components in the stage.

Action Windows/Linux Mac
Keep Image Ratio Hold Shift Hold Shift

While resizing margin and padding in the stage.

Action Windows/Linux Mac
Symmetric Resize Hold Ctrl Hold Command
Resize All Sides Hold Ctrl and Shift Hold Command and Shift

# Code Editing

When editing JavaScript and Custom HTML in the app, you can make use of our Sublime Text compatible keyboard shortcuts: Windows/Linux (opens new window) and Mac (opens new window).