# Connecting Reflow

The ecommerce functionality in Bootstrap Studio is powered by Reflow (opens new window), a free toolkit for turning any website into a store. Reflow is a sister project made by the Bootstrap Studio developers. You just need to connect a Reflow account to your project, select a store and start selling.

# Connecting your Store

Connecting a store is very easy - just open the Settings dialog > Ecommerce and click the Connect Store button.

Ecommerce Pane

This will open a webpage prompting you to confirm the connection. You will be prompted to log into Reflow, if you have not already done that. Afterwards, you just have to click Connect.

Reflow Connect Page

This will grant Bootstrap Studio access to your Reflow stores, and the ecommerce components will be able to fetch and preview live data from your account.

# Selecting a Store

Once Reflow is connected, the Ecommerce pane will be populated with the stores you have created in your Reflow account. Select the store you want to use in your project and click Save.

Ecommerce Store Dropdown


  • The connection lives within Bootstrap Studio, and not the bsdesign file. This means you can safely send the bsdesign file to another user or upload it online, and others won't have access to your account.
  • You can only use one store per project.

# Changing the Reflow Version

Select the Reflow version you want to use in your project from the Reflow Toolkit Dropdown and click Save. The default Reflow version for new projects is v2.

Ecommerce Store Dropdown


Some Reflow components (e.g. Sign In Button, User Settings, User Orders) and features (e.g. localization) are only available in Reflow v2.

# Disconnecting

If you wish to disconnect Bootstrap Studio from your Reflow account, you can use the Cloud > Ecommerce > Disconnect option in the application menu.