# Editing Components

Every part of a Bootstrap Studio design is represented by a component. Starting from the HTML and Body, all the way down to every paragraph and span, each component has its own set of options and offers rich customization.

# Text Editing

For textual components like Heading, Paragraph and Span, you get a rich textual editor, which recognizes all standard keyboard shortcuts for making text bold, italic, underline, linking and more.

Text Editing

To initiate text editing mode, just double click the component, or right click it and choose "Edit" in the menu.

# Component Options

Each components has built-in options which let you quickly change their look and feel or behavior, based on the Bootstrap framework settings. The Options panel holds all those settings and allows you to adjust them via user-friendly inputs.

Button Options

For a Button component, you get a comprehensive set of options which let you change the size, shape, style and much more.

# Appearance

To build a beautiful design in Bootstrap Studio, you need to customize the appearance of the components it's made of. This is done from the Appearance tab and by writing CSS.