Duplicating and Moving Blocks

Bootstrap Studio has a powerful CSS editing interface, which auto-completes your rules and properties. It also allows you to move and duplicate css blocks.

Duplicating Blocks

If you want to duplicate your CSS block, you need to click the three dots on the top right of the block and select the 'Duplicate' option. This will make an exact copy of the block in the same file.

Copying Blocks

You can copy CSS blocks from one file to another by choosing the "Copy To" option. There you can select one of your existing css files or create a new one.

In case you want to move a block from one file to another, click on the Move to option. This is the same as the Copy to option, but the block is removed from the original file.

Rearranging Blocks

You can also rearrange your CSS blocks by dragging them. This allows you to organize your code better and control the order in which your rules are applied.