Custom 404 Pages for Your Bootstrap Studio Website

Bootstrap Studio Sites is our powerful hosting platform for publishing sites online. It is super fast, gives you HTTPS, password protection, the ability to host custom domains, and best of all, it's free for all users of the app!

Something that is frequently overlooked when designing a website is the page people see when they run into an error. The most common type of error on the web is 404 (File Not Found). This occurs when users follow a broken or a non-existing URL to your website. In such a case, you want to give them a friendly page that will help them find their way.

Custom 404 Page in your Design

Bootstrap Studio Sites makes it very easy to define custom 404 pages for your designs. Just create a file in the top folder of your design named 404.html, and whenever a non-existing URL is requested, the page you provided will be returned in its place.

Note: This is only supported on our Bootstrap Studio Sites hosting platform. If you use another hosting provider, things are likely done in a different way.