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I haven't received my license

It can take up to 10 minutes for your license to arrive. We need to validate your payment first. If you still don't receive it, and if the message is not in your spam folder, it might indicate that you have had a typo in your email address when purchasing. Write to us and we will resolve it. Please include an alternative email address in your message, in case your server is blocking us.

I am seeing a blank screen when I start Bootstrap Studio for the first time

Make sure that you have an active internet connection the first time you start the program. It needs to connect to our servers so the license key is checked. After this, you can go offline for as long as you wish. Some firewalls may block the app from accessing the network. Make sure that https traffic is allowed. If you need to configure a proxy, see here.

I have lost my license key. Can you send it to me again?

If you've purchased Bootstrap Studio in the past, but can't remember your license key, don't worry! We can resend it to you. Use our license key restore form. Enter the email address you used to purchase the app, and we will send you your key.


Does Bootstrap Studio support Bootstrap 4?

Bootstrap 4 is still in alpha and lots of things may change before it is released. Once it is out, we will push an update to all Bootstrap Studio users and they will receive it automatically.

How can I edit HTML?

Bootstrap Studio shines as a drag and drop builder, but it also gives you the ability to edit HTML when you need to. There are two ways to do it. The first is to drag the "Custom Code" component from the library and place it into your page. Then double click it. This will open a code editor in which you can write HTML.

The second way is to convert any part of your page, which you've built using our drag and drop builder, into HTML. Just right click a component and choose the "Convert to HTML" option. This will allow you to do advanced changes to components which are not possible with the drag and drop functionality.

Can I import an existing website?

You can easily import CSS, JS and HTML into your project. Just drag and drop the files in the editor (or choose the File > Import option).

Why aren't there new lines in paragraphs?

We deliberately decided against <br> as they make it difficult to design responsive layouts. The preferred way to do this is to use separate <p> elements, or if you absolutely need to use a single element, add max-width. This way text will be limited on large screens, but flow freely on smaller ones.

Can Bootstrap Studio export for CMS like WordPress?

When you export a design created in Bootstrap Studio, you get a static website complete with CSS, HTML and JS. But no CMS features are available - it is up to you to turn the static website into a WordPress theme or to integrate your favorite CMS with it.

I have found a bug. What do I do?

Report it and we will fix it! Thanks to our advanced update system all bug fixes are delivered within minutes to all users. We got Bootstrap Studio from zero to where it is now, and we won't stop improving it.


How does the licensing work?

When you purchase Bootstrap Studio, you get one year of free updates. This includes all new features, major releases and bugfixes that we create during this period. When this year expires, you can continue using the last version of Bootstrap Studio that was released while your license was active, but you won't get any new features or bugfixes. You can renew your license and continue receiving updates at any time by choosing the "Renew License Key" option in the Help menu.

What is the Lifetime version?

The Lifetime version of Bootstrap Studio is a special release of our app that comes with free upgrades forever. You don't need to renew your license when you have this version. It has the same powerful feature set as the standard edition.

How does the 3 computer limit work?

When you buy Bootstrap Studio, you get a license key that can be used on up to three computers that you own. You can at any time deregister a computer and free up a slot for another, by choosing the "Delete License" option from the Help menu. You can also deregister a computer that you don't have access to, by using the Help > Manage Devices dialog.

What happens if I format my computer?

If you format your computer, lose it, or your hard drive is destroyed, you can deactivate the copy of Bootstrap Studio that has been installed on it at any time. Just open the "Manage Devices" dialog in another copy of Bootstrap Studio that has been installed with your key. This dialog shows all your currently active installations. You can remove the ones that you don't use and free up slots for other installs.

How are updates delivered?

We have built an advanced update system into Bootstrap Studio. It checks for updates periodically when you are online and downloads them in the background. Then, the next time you start the program, you will be running the latest version automatically. Even though you need to be online to receive updates, Bootstrap Studio doesn't require an internet connection to function and can be used completely offline.

Is there a student license?

If you are a student we have a special non-commercial license for you, which is free for the duration of your study. Apply here.