Smart Forms

Create forms via drag and drop, and receive submissions straight into your inbox. No coding required!

Design Forms Visually

Bootstrap Studio makes building forms super easy. Design beautiful Contact Forms, Surveys, Order Forms and more with simple drag & drop. Submissions are sent to your email address automatically.

No Monthly Fees

Smart Forms are completely free and are included with your Bootstrap Studio license without extra fees.

Image and File Support

Our forms support all HTML inputs - text, emails, even file attachments. Whatever it is, you will receive it!

Super Easy To Use

Configuring Smart Forms is done within Bootstrap Studio and takes less then a minute. We take care of the rest.

For All Email Clients

Form submissions will reach you regardless of your device, mail client or email provider.


Our platform offers full HTTPS encryption that keeps your and your users' data secure.

SPAM Protection

Smart Forms is integrated with Google's Recaptcha, so that spammers won't be able to abuse your forms.

Free with Bootstrap Studio

Smart Forms is included for free with your Bootstrap Studio license. There are no additional costs or monthly fees!