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    Danny Markov
    Bootstrap Studio Developer

    Bootstrap is a powerful frontend framework. With it you can quickly produce a functional web application. But if you wish to create a unique look and feel, you need to get your hands dirty and write JavaScript and CSS. This is why Bootstrap Studio has powerful editors that make writing JS and CSS productive and fun.


    With our JavaScript editor you can turn your pretty design into a fully functional website. You get access to powerful Sublime Text-like editing with multiple cursors and keyboard shortcuts.

    To start, you need to create a JavaScript file in the Design panel. You can do this by right clicking on the “JavaScript” group.

    Design Panel

    Note: If you are using OS X and right clicking the “JavaScript” label doesn’t do anything, try Ctrl+Click.

    In the picture above, you can see that there are two locked JavaScript files. They are always available, so you can use jQuery and Bootstrap’s JS in any design.

    To edit your JavaScript file, just double click it. This will open our powerful code editor.

    JavaScript Editor

    When you click the “Apply” button (or hit Ctrl/Cmd + S) the Preview is automatically reloaded so you can try out your changes immediately (see our tutorial about Preview and Export for more).


    There are two ways to edit CSS in Bootstrap Studio. The first is to use the Styles tab and edit the styles of the selected component. The other is to create separate CSS files in Design pane and edit them.


    The bottom part of the window holds two areas – HTML and Styles. HTML gives you a real-time preview of the generated HTML for the page with the ability to select elements, define attributes, IDs and css classes.

    The Styles area shows you the applied CSS styles for the HTML elements that you select. This is a quick way to check what styles are active at any given moment, and to easily override default Bootstrap styling.

    Active Styles

    The Styles tab pulls CSS definitions from Bootstrap’s CSS file, as well as all other CSS files that you create. Note that Bootstrap’s styles are locked – you can’t edit them directly. To change them, you need to Copy them to your own stylesheets.


    To do any real CSS editing, you need to create a stylesheet in the Design panel. By default, every new design comes with a styles.css file, but you can create as many files as you wish. Just right click the “Styles” label and choose the create option.



    Now that you have a stylesheet file, we can start editing CSS! Double click the file and our CSS editor will pop up.

    Click on a selector, css property or a value to edit them. Hit Enter or Tab to move to the next rule, and Shift+Tab to the previous. You can click in between rules to create new ones and in between css blocks to create new blocks with css code (this is not available in the Styles tab).

    CSS Editing

    Images and fonts that you’ve added to the Assets panel will be automatically picked up and shown as suggestions when appropriate.

    There is a full undo/redo history, so feel free to experiment!

    CSS Actions

    When you click the three dots on the top right of each CSS block, you will see the menu that is shown above. You can duplicate, toggle media queries and delete entire blocks of CSS from the menu.

    Tip: There is a quick way to delete CSS styles. When you focus a css selector, hit the Delete/Backspace key to empty it, and Enter to confirm changes. This will delete the entire block and move on to the next.


    Adding your own classes and ids is very important when writing and reusing CSS styles. To do it, click the Attributes panel on the bottom of the HTML tab.

    In this panel you can change id and class names, or add additional attributes to elements by clicking the + button at the bottom right.

    Attributes Form

    Note: You can add any CSS class that you wish, but some, like text-left in this picture, are locked. To change locked classes in Bootstrap Studio, you need to modify the component’s settings in the Options panel.

    Congrats! You can now create any kind of design imaginable with Bootstrap Studio. Our application makes writing CSS both easy and fun and you will soon dread having to go back to a text editor again.



    This is my website from ultimate blocks from php server
    enter image description here

    I have exported in zip this project site.
    For exporting to the bootstrap.
    Look’s message

    enter image description here

    I would like to see my webpage created in the bootstrap studio looks so.
    enter image description here

    Not so.
    enter image description here

    nan wint yee

    Helloenter image description here


    I think that bootstrap studio app is perfectly a miracle as the app with easy oppurtunities on the constructing of website with responsive effect and with beautiful design.

    Thank to them young people that have created this software. From Albania

    But, when i downloaded and extracted the bootstrap templates from zip to folder that contains “js,html,css,fonts,img,etc” for importing to the bootstrap studio,
    does not show anything, as the Pinegrow Web Editor


    Hi i have multiple html files created in the bootstrap studio and i also have multiple css file created as well. I would like each html files to have its own unique css file. I don’t want all the html files linking to all the css file. for example, I have two html files(first.html & second.html), i also have two css files(first.css & second.css) i would like to be able to link only the first.css file to the first.html files. I don’t want to open the first.html file to see it having both the first.css and the second.css filelinked to it. How do i get this done?


    Send me a screenshot brother

    Wrote on google
    Upload image online without registration
    Copy public link and click in this icon IMAGE to paste your public link of image to understand what do you want.

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