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    Shift + Space inserts a   (thanks for bringing it up, @marrco!)

    did you test it?

    Open a new design, add just a <p> and “type[shift+space]something”

    that adds a regular space, in the HTML preview pane and even in the published version, not a <&nbsp;> at least for me

    Thanks for the fixes and the NBSP function!
    @jo did you really test it?

    Martin Angelov
    Bootstrap Studio Developer

    It works when I test it. &nbsp; aren’t visualized in the HTML view at the moment, but you can see them by viewing the source code of the page when previewing and exporting. As for other HTML entities, maybe the Character Input dialog will be a good place to put them (trigger it by clicking Char Input button on the text editing toolbar).

    @tonybenedetti Thanks for the suggestions! Form rows are supported. When you drop our regular row component in a form, it adopts the form-row class.


    wow, you’re right, even if not shown in the HTML preview it works when exported. I guess I did something wrong yesterday!

    thanks for adding this HTML entity


    Thanks, @martin … the form-row implementation does just what I need … super!


    Hey, Martin !

    Many thanks for this new 4.4.2 version, which add toast, spinner and checkbox switch style. Just everything I needed. Thanks !
    The non-breaking space is also a wonderful addition πŸ™‚


    I’ve checked today’s release and the custom checkbox (switch) does not work for me, do I need to do something special?

    Also, there are some Bootstrap classes that I don’t see included like:

    Is someone having the same problem?



    Insert Bootstrap Checkbox (checkbox with label) –> Options -> activate “Stylized” then activate “Switch”.

    Does not work with Bootstrap 3 based design. Try from a new BS4 empty design.


    @larsene, I’m using BS4, I did exactly what you say with the checkbox with label and stylized > switch, but I see everything white. πŸ™


    how can you use bootstrap studio to build mobile app


    hi my name is rahul and i want to know that how can i update my current version of bootstrap studio to the new version

    Chris Hackwood

    @rahul – you pay for a licence it’s that simple


    And if you’ve already paid for it, then open the app and go to the top menu and in the Help menu you can choose to Check for Updates. If it’s a valid license it will update to the current version. If it’s not then it won’t update and you’ll need to pay to be able to update it further, depending on the type of license you purchased.

    On a normal basis, paid version usually update automatically and you will usually see a popup in the bottom right corner telling you that a new version has been installed and that you need to restart the app.


    Martin said that ONLY verified paying users can register and post here. Is that still true?

    (i don’t know about free student licenses)

Viewing 13 posts - 16 through 28 (of 28 total)

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