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    “Smart Forms” is a product of software company SAP.

    Are you sure, you’re not violating any trademark/copyright, if you call your new product exactly the same?


    Taken from the first paragraph of the website (which isn’t even secure lol) to show that it’s not a brand, but a style:

    SmartForms is a term used to describe an electronic form with capabilities beyond a traditional paper form; such as electronic completion, dynamic sections, database calls and electronic submission.

    An article on Hubspot that explains what they are as well:

    Hope that alleviates your worries 🙂


    Hi Martin,
    I’ve upgraded my Standard Version to Lifetime but I still see the old version 4.0.2 (Nov 2017) is running on my computer.
    I’ve checked the updates from Help menu > Check for Updates, but nothing happens.
    The download link I’ve received from Bootstrap Studio hasn’t got the latest version, 4.3.1 for Mac.
    Where do I download the latest version please?



    I tried smart forms, this is a great idea, but if we can not change the appearance of the email and the sender, the use is very very limited


    @emmedia : Martin says :

    We built Smart Forms with the intent of giving developers and companies a simple way to add working forms to their own sites. It wasn’t intended to be offered as a service to clients.

    So the mail appareance is not important, as it is not for your clients !

    (and for your clients, you’ll use your own script).


    If you have a little knowledge of getting around your cPanel, uploading files to your server and such, you should give Machform a try for your clients. They are probably the most powerful forms I’ve seen out there without having to spend hundreds of dollars. Way more powerful than the CoffeeCup ones I used to use and comparably priced as well. Not for someone that only does 1 form for their own site though, you can, but it might be more expensive than you need and that’s where this form setup in BSS comes in and shines for us.

    Not everyone that comes here will be a developer/designer and although they may know enough to use BSS, they may not do more than their own website so this new form setup is perfect for that person.


    some questions about the smart form:
    – how to turn off the recapcha?
    – how to change the language (ex. france)?
    – how to edit texts (close button, sended message, e-mail subject, New Form Submission, e-mail footer text?)


    Loving the latest update, especially Smart Forms. I’ve built my website completely in BSS, check it out here:


    @ji17 really nice well-coded website. I like the use of :hover you’ve done in multiple places, and looking at your style.css (pasted in atom and beautified) I’m really curious about your workflow.

    When I deal with complex CSS files I use atom (or another serious editor) and just paste the result into BSS ‘styles’ editor. How do you manage that 1850 lines long CSS inside bootstrap studio?


    Nicely done ji17!


    @jo there’s much more in that site. Look at the iPhone mockup. (and the :before trick) kudos to the designer. If they really built their website completely inside BSS that’s an impressive achievement.


    Yeah I was looking at some of that stuff wondering if they had to use any custom code for some of it. Still even if they did, that’s quite an awesome site.

    2 things I’d suggest since it seems to be pretty much a 1 page site. Sticky nav or pop out so people can get back to it, and/or a back to top setup on the page so people can click a button or link to go back to the top to the nav. Bout the only things I see missing, very well done indeed!


    FYI – The “Get Started” button/link on your Work page does not work. The light gray corporate logos/links on the home page are all set to the home page.

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