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    I separated this post because, Marrco and Larsene and a few others over the past months and years bring up a good point. One of the things that endeared me to this app is that it gets such frequent updates and added features etc. That’s all well and good, but I’m getting very concerned about the “content” of these updates.

    There are so many features and suggestions that have been asked for many times that have been passed over for over two years now yet we get features that I’ve not even seen one person ask for (this update basically is one of those, no one really asked for a form sending setup, just asked how to do it). Granted, the updates are great, and I love that you add the new things, but I really would love to see some of the things that are “needed” added to the app before new features that haven’t hardly even been asked for maybe once or twice compared to the dozens that have asked for simple things like:

    • comment ability
    • BR and NBSP coded into the app so we don’t have to make our own
    • Ability to edit the HTML
      and the list goes on and on over the years (I’d be happy to organize that list out of the forums if you would like to see the full numbers).

    Basic to complicated items yes, but most of the ones that have been asked for dozens of times really should be given some priority over things someone just mentions once or twice. Just my opinion on it of course, but I don’t think I stand alone on this.

    It seems to go back to the same argument that those of use that have used it a while have said many times. The app is catering way too much to those that have no clue how to build a website and those of us waiting on true functionality are left in the dust de-prioritized so to speak.

    I love the app, always have from the day I started using it, and the people here are great, but we’re still waiting on some of the features and suggestions that we’ve been told (in many cases, not all) would be added and so far … not. It’s discouraging and I think you will lose users, good users, smart and experienced users that help a lot of others, if you don’t start working with the things that are “needed” by pretty much all rather than just “wanted” by a few.

    Ok end rant haha. Please don’t be offended, just needed to get that out there so you see how important it really is to those of us that do know what we’re doing for the most part (well I pretend pretty good anyways hahahaha).


    @jo said :

    1. I think you misunderstood my question (or I misunderstood your answer lol). I’m talking about the email that shows as the From when you get the result email after it’s submitted. It should actually say the name and email address of the person that submitted it 

    I didn’t answer that specific question of yours. Martin did and was correct, deliverability would be an issue. Mine was just a suggestion to Martin to use a different domain so as not to tell our customers we’re using BSS.

    Doing as you suggest means risking that to use a forged or wrong email, or simply one that has SPF -all<br />
    It’s a big NO to use a user-supplied mail as a reply-to or mail-from. It’s much better to use a fixed, standard “forms@website with user Website Form”.


    sure, @jo, you’re not alone to think what you think. Sure, i’m a little desappointed that these “simple” features are not implemented for now. But perhaps this update, and the “Smart Forms” is to gain more people from tools like Wix, Mobirise, or other tools like that, and to earn more money, needed for the product life. Personnaly, I won’t use “Smart Forms”, as i prefer to use my code, my server, my datas (and i use BSS mainly to prepare some templates before integrating in Python developpement frameworks). But i think that some tools like these are great for promotion, Youtube Video, functionality advertisement, and so on. “export comments or double clic to edit code” are no sexy functionality to taalk about 🙂 More users, more money, more developpement (even if these features are, you’re totally right, absolutely not for developpers or integraters)

    I’m a new customer to BSS, and i really hope that, in a near future, these little function we’ve asked for will be added soon. But if you say that you’ve asked that for two years and no respond about that, i’m a little frightened….

    Perhaps we could suggest a survey about the features to be integrated, then we could vote for them. The more successul features could be integrated first.


    @larsene I still have a gut feeling that dumbing down requests often come from people pirating BSS, so I’d propose to let register to the forum only with the same mail used to buy BSS.

    If I had only to build only my personal, small, amateurish website I’d never spend my money to buy prototyping software like BSS (nor adobe illustrator, photoshop etc). A much better solution would have been to find a working wp template and use that. No need to buy Bootstrap Studio if you don’t know bootstrap (and html/css website coding).

    So let’s hope Martin will stop pirates from polluting the forums with their requests. But maybe I’m plain wrong, almost no developers use BSS and perpetual licenses are sold to people working in Fiverr with no real tech background.

    Many serious requests have not been implemented in the last months/years while other features like free website hosting and this new, limited form processing have been added. So I’m really confused is it’s still a serious tool for devs or slowly becoming a wix alternative, often to be pirated.


    @marrco, i’m totally within your purpose. Perhaps the feature request could be opened only to registered users who bought BSS.

    I really hope that BSS will reinforce the “pro” features instead of theses ones, but i understand that for the “visibility” of BSS on the Web, these features are easely advertisable.

    We’ll see. for now, i’m happy about my lifetime licence, but i’m waiting the features we spoke on the forum. And i’ve bought BSS thinking these features will be implemented in near future. And, with an update by month, i’ve been confident they will be added…

    And for me, an export script explanation, how to replace some code parts or adding some and automate it would be a great time saver, and reduce the time I spend to edit the generated code with Brackets.

    Martin Angelov
    Bootstrap Studio Developer

    Thanks for the suggestions, @jo! We’ve discussed these in separate discussions in the forum, but I am grateful that you brought these up. I was under the impression that the text editing updates a few releases back solved the issue with <br> and &nbsp; and no dedicated components are needed?

    @marrco the app is used by developers of all skill levels, including students. The last few releases were focused on making the app more approachable for beginners, but we haven’t forgotten our power users. The next few releases will bring a lot of the features that were requested in the forum. As for the suggestion for limiting forum registrations to people who purchased, we actually did just that last month, which greatly reduced the amount of spam we get. We should have done it earlier.


    @martin great news, can you please tell me how to add a &nbsp; inside <p> element. Last time I tried a few combinations (shift + space or ctrl + space) those were not working for me.

    About the forum registration that’s excellent news, now you just have to ask old users that have a mail not present in you license database to provide you with their purchase mail, so that we can be sure that all suggestions and help requests come from legit users and not pirates. And please cleary separate free users (using students version) from paying users. Just a badge next to their name can do. So to know to whom we are talking. And who is requesting new features.

    It’s your choice to give free copies to students (btw, I appreciate it) but at least provide some difference, like branding the new form-sending option (form sent using a students version of BSS), and on their free hosting so to differentiate the 2 versions. I still have the impression that many people asking basic questions in the forum were not paying for their license, even if some of those were clearly trying to profit from it and selling their websites.

    I hope a new release will contain the many requested fixes and features, starting from the adding all classes (typography like display-4, etc) to using the default starter template suggested here to detachable windows so that all of us that use a multi-monitor setup (most devs do) can use their space better.


    @martin: The BR issue was only solved if you want to add one in, but there is nothing you can do with it so you’re locked into that space with no way to edit it which I tend to do at times. My editing is sometimes to make them “disappear” at smaller screen sizes, etc. I prefer to add a BR element for this purpose and very rarely use the one that you added. Give us the ability to actually target this BR and have it behave like default code and that would then give us the abilty to add classes to it, but as it sit’s now it’s nothing but Custom code built into the system, with less functionality than the one I drag in myself. Hopefully that makes sense.

    As for the NBSP I’ve not seen anything at all added for that yet or did I miss it? That one I’d use as is because I don’t ever edit that one so if it’s possible to add that in now that would be great, just haven’t seen any information on that.

    I appreciate your input on the updates coming and do hope to see many of those we’ve asked for over the years to be added in coming updates soon. Thanks for setting our minds at ease that they are coming. 🙂


    Not something I have any use for but the bug fixes are most welcome. Looking forward to seeing what the next update brings.


    Hey Martin,

    The smart forms are just avaliable if I host my website on Bss host?
    or can i host my final website on a diferent platform and still using this feature?



    Is there a way to remove the Bootstrap Studio branding, ‘The email was delivered with Bootstrap Studio Smart Forms’, that resides @ the bottom of an email?


    @otto182 : Smart Formas works on your host, not only from the BSS one 🙂

    @taione : @martin explained that this feature is for your reports and your usage, not for your clients. So, the branding is not important. Remember that is is always better to use your own code for your clients…


    but at least provide some difference, like branding the new form-sending option (form sent using a students version of BSS), and on their free hosting so to differentiate the 2 versions.


    I still have the impression that many people asking basic questions in the forum were not paying for their license

    BSS is not Photoshop. It’s a $30 program. I think you’re paranoia is a bit exaggerated. Sometimes people just ask naive questions because they’re using a program for the first time, and not everything is obvious to a new user.

    If BSS wants to compete with the likes of “popular builders” like Webflow, Wix, Weebly, Mobirise, etc… it has to allow a person who knows basically nothing about Bootstrap to put together a functional site (ideally from a template) that is able to do basic things like forms, slideshows, galleries, maps, and so on, without the person having to write code. If it wants to compete with more complex builders like WordPress, Dreamweaver, Pinegrow, etc… it has to allow power-users to be able to access the nuts and bolts of everything.

    Right now, it’s sort of in the middle of the two. It gives newbies a lot of good tools to get started, but it’s not totally intuitive, and there are some basic things it doesn’t do easily, while it also gives power-users access to the code (sometimes in a cludgy way) but it lacks a number of things that are frustrating (e.g. not being able to make a dedicated folder for videos or pdfs/downloads.)

    If I were to play devil’s advocate, from a business point of view the smart course is to make the program more beginner friendly (i.e. dumb it down) because that’s where the market share is, and it’s going to keep getting bigger. From a power-user’s point of view (if that’s the direction they want to go,) I’d suggest the devs take a look at Pinegrow, because BSS and Pinegrow are actually quite similar in many ways, the main difference being that Pinegrow is considerably more complex, literally allowing you to do anything to a website.

    That said, BSS is, in many ways, more polished than Pinegrow. It’s definitely faster, it’s user interface is smoother and laid out better. It’s undo feature works better. The way it handles column options is considerably better. But it is limited in what it can do.

    If you could take the best features from Pinegrow and BSS and put them together, it would be a killer front-end editor/builder.


    @printninja : I have the same feeling, and i really hope that BSS won’t become another Wix/Mobirise editor. Webflow is a different product, as the Webflow CMS is really powerful, and you can modify the code the way you want, and export the generated code. WordPress is not an editor/builder at all. Then, if you want to create your template, you need other tools. Pinegrow is a really wonderful tool, but is really expensive compared to BSS. I really hope that BSS will keep the “power user” point of view in the future, and Martin said it will. 🙂


    If BSS wants to compete with the likes of “popular builders” like
    Webflow, Wix, Weebly, Mobirise, etc… it has to allow a person who
    knows basically nothing about Bootstrap to put together a functional
    site (ideally from a template) that is able to do basic things like
    forms, slideshows, galleries, maps, and so on, without the person
    having to write code.

    No actually I hope it never does. If it does then it WILL be like all the rest and I’ll find another builder to use that’s powerful and easy to use as well as great for those of us that actually DO know how to code and build websites, or I’ll go back to coding them myself as I did before I found this app. When I looked for an app I was looking for something that would allow people that are experienced to use it to save time, not a builder that caters to the “I wanna build a website but I have no clue what to do” people. Go use the other drag and drops that already cater to those people, of which there are many already. We don’t need another builder that caters to them. We need a builder that builds for the experienced designer/developer to save us time while giving us the options we need to make the changes and additions in manual ways as needed.

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