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    Martin Angelov
    Bootstrap Studio Developer

    Hey guys!

    We just released the next update to Bootstrap Studio. This contains fixes for all bugs that were reported until now, plus one new handy feature for Bootstrap 4 Navbars. It is called “Smart Active State” and marks the active link in Navbars automatically to match the current page. This works even with Linked components, so you can have a linked Navbar on all your pages, and the active menu item is automatically selected.

    We will be improving this new feature with your feedback.


    Great, thanks @martin. The Smart Active State Navbar feature is something I had thought about for a while now. 🙂



    Awesome to hear, thanks Martin!

    Can you be more specific on which “bugs” it covers though? Easier for us to know what to look for if we know what’s been corrected. When you say “all”, kind of vague 🙂


    @martin ,

    Any Updates ?

    enter image description here

    What's coming in 4.1.X

    enter image description here

    Been a few weeks. 😉


    Version for Ubuntu still is not updated


    Awesome. I’ve been using this product for a year now. Upgraded to lifetime because the regular updates and the uncluttered results are winners. I’ve tried alternatives and did not feel as comfortable as I have done when working with Bootstrap Studio. Some annoyances, yes, but life is not perfect (yet).

    Keep up the good work, it is appreciated.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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