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    Hi guys,
    as described in the tutorial, I moved my website to cloudflare and changed the settings, so I can directly publish my site in bootstrap.
    I just don´t know how to add a page with .htaccess – ending. Usually I would do it with http://ftp….but now I don´t know what to do?

    Thanks …Jens


    ….it´s not the only problem I have:

    • I need also to upload sitemap, favicon etc.
    • how can I redirect the subdomain http://www.heilraum.koeln to heilraum.koeln ? www is not working.


    Martin Angelov
    Bootstrap Studio Developer

    Thank you for starting this thread! Sitemaps and Favicons will be coming in the next releases. .htaccess files will not be supported, unfortunately. We don’t run Apache on our hosting service.

    You can redirect www to non-www from the cloudflare control panel. You can do all kinds of redirects and rewrites there.

    Hope this helps!


    …i just changed everything in cloudflare. Thanks for the hint.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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