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  • Martin Angelov
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    @fer thanks for all the ideas! We will discuss these with the team 🙂 The bstudio cli has one large drawback though – there needs to be a full Bootstrap Studio copy running on the local machine. This might make headless scenarios impossible.


    hey @martin: absolutely right.. kinds of defeats the purpose of that cli functionality if we need to have a BSS instance running in order to be able to export.

    Without knowing much about the insights of the product, cannot really help with a workaround or something 🙁

    Don’t hesitate to let us know what comes out after meeting your team, please! (and many thanks, you have an awesome product).

    For what it’s worth @martin, I’d still find value in the cli even if I need to have a BSS instance running, because it would still let me streamline my processes. However, I understand now why the cli didn’t really take off.


    Just thinking aloud and maybe not possible, but: what about making the actual app runnable from the command line? whenever parameters are passed, the app behaves as a cli.

    @fer, this is likely non-trivial because of the way Windows handles cli and gui applications. I forget many of the details, but for example, the command prompt won’t wait for gui applications to complete when run from the command line.

    One approach is to allow the app to accept command line parameters, then just have a simple console-based app that serves as a wrapper, passing info back and forth with the app wait for the gui’s exit code. This allows you to run the cli from the command prompt and have it feel native.

    This is the approach we’ve used in other apps we’ve developed.


    This would be a very valuable feature for process automation. We would like to have a Windows tool that allows for command line Export of a Bootstrap Studio project to a specified Export target directory. If this requires Bootstrap Studio to already be running, that would be fine. By reading the posts here, it looks like there is some interest, when do you think this could be implemented?

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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