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    Yea, no rows in there and was fine on the last version. It’s an easy fix though.

    I had a few floats in custom css to have things the way I wanted but that’s caused all sorts of problems, I much prefer the ‘flex’ system though so happy to update.

    I have some problems resizing the cols in some cases but I’ll work it out.



    Even in BS3 you should have had the row component as the parent component to columns. It’s required for proper column spacing. As well as having a container(-fluid) component somewhere as a parent to your grid. Because the container(-fluid) adds side padding and the row uses negative side margins to compensate so that the grids columns evenly line up. As well as the column padding that gives back the side spacing that you lost on grid it’s self. All working together to make the spacing all line up.

    Everyone that is not that familiar with Bootstrap Grid system should start here so that you will get a better handle on how to code your sites more appropriately.

    I come back to that site many times so that I code my components as best as I can.



    Yeah I just always had to manually add the row or div myself from the components. Just saying it didn’t do it automatically for you as the OP is asking for it to do. Would be nice if it did.

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)

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